tgm: We care about Typography!

The Typographische Gesellschaft Muenchen e.V. (tgm; Typographic Society Munich) represents quality and education for the branch of communication with an ambitious and wide offering of skill enhancement, symposia, evening receptions and seminars. tgm also educates designers in a one year lasting course. The program of tgm also comprises lectures, conferences, educational journeys, excursions, typewalks and exhibitions like the TDC-show. tgm was founded in 1890 by type setters and printers.

Today the Typographic Society Munich is the largest organisation for typographers or in typography interested people in Europe. tgm establishes a basis for sophisticated and interdisciplinary thinking and dialogues among content and form, text and photo, tradition and innovation, among design and technology. Every offer under the roof of tgm is a result of solidarity. It is a result of people and companies who are united by the common interest in typographic quality.